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Many people are wondering whether they should use a website builder. They think that you can’t build a serious/professional website without hiring a designer or a developer. Well, that’s not true because with the best websites builder you can make an equally attractive website. Obviously, not all of these tools are the same. It will take many hours of research before you realize which one is the best among them. But, instead of doing that, you can use our list of the best websites builder 2018 options and start using that tool right away.


This is a very popular website builder not just in 2018. There are many things that make this platform attractive. For example, they have an intuitive website builder. This makes the process of website building super easy even for complete beginners. There’s also a decent number of templates and most of them are responsive. You can also customize these themes. Sitebuilder allows users to drag and drop website elements and make quick experiments. If you use their annual subscription you will probably get a great deal.


We will continue with Weebly, another well-established website builder. One of the first things you’ll notice about Weebly is that this website builder is inexpensive. Next, you’ll probably notice that there’s a free email for every user. It usually takes just a few minutes to create and activate an account. Similar to other top website builders, Weebly comes with a drag and drop system which makes site creation simple. Although they don’t provide live chat support, they have a support ticketing system, a forum, and great help guides and articles.


Doodlekit is a website builder with a name that you probably won’t forget. But, that’s not all you will remember about it. What makes Doodlekit special is that their offer comes with unlimited email accounts and a domain name. This is basically all you need to start a website. Their pricing is more than fair and they have a support ticket system that works well.


If you are building a website on a budget, you should check YOLA. This is a nice website builder which won’t cost you more than one hundred dollars per year. All it takes to start creating a website via YOLA is to signup, activate your account and pay the fee. What’s surprising is that they have a live chat support center.


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