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Selling on Facebook with Shopify Like a Pro: How to Use Facebook Ads

If you are selling on Facebook with Shopify here is how to take a full advantage of it! Read this article and learn how to successfully use Facebook ads!

There is a specific pattern that every ecommerce website owner can follow to achieve amazing results. We will discuss how to use Facebook and Shopify to generate more leads and sales. Keep reading!

There are specific ad types that need to be set up properly, specific audiences you need to target, and specific metrics that you must watch for and follow. We will reveal those tactics and much more. We will show you how to sell on Facebook with Shopify and how to take a full advantage of the most popular social media platform. We will also give you a strategy on how to get the best results for your Shopify store.

  • Create your product feed: A product feed is a list of products you sell which contains information, for example, the product name, price, size, stock level, and much more. You have a few options – you can either have a .xml feed that sits on your website or you can have a manual feed. Our recommendation is to have a .xml feed so you can always keep your Facebook store up to date about any product changes that are happening in your Shopify store. There are apps you can use, for example. Pixel Perfect or Flexifly and get this setup. If you have to choose between these two applications – choose Pixel Perfect due to its flexibility, simplicity, and ease of use.
  • Organize the tracking: You won’t know what is working and what’s not without sorting out the tracking. Also, you won’t be able to do any remarketing if the tracking is not properly organized. Don’t set up any advertisements until you have your tracking all sort out. Take this part very seriously. You can add your Facebook Pixel ID into the Shopify specified field or you can use Pixel Perfect’s tracking and turn off Shopify’s tracking.
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  • Abandon Cart Ads: These advertisements will be important in getting people to come-on-board as shoppers and stay loyal to your brand. They act as a reminder for people who have left their items in the shopping basket. We have some really good tips with these ads. One is to play around and try the timeframes or offer different incentives after the trial period. For example, if a visitor comes to your site, he adds some products to the shopping cart, he leaves the website, you can show this person a reminder ad on Facebook. If the visitors don’t convert in 7 days, you can show him another ad with 10% off. If he wasn’t going to buy the products, he might consider buying them now. These ads will definitely increase your sales.

Include an appealing headline

The way you present your headline will determine whether the buyer will get interested in your business or not. Most of the buyers read only the headline. If it’s a strong one, he/she will get interested to read more about your business. You need to come up with ideas of what the customers would consider purchasing your business. You can include the reasons why you are selling the business, its price as well as the products and services you provide to your customers.

As you know, buyers fear to buy a business that will not bring profits. Hence, you need to include the benefits the buyer will get from the business.  Also, buyers are interested to know the products and services you offer. If they meet the buyers’ expectations, he/she will get to read more.

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This Facebook ad strategy is highly recommended for all Shopify business owners. Consider these tips and you will have a great chance of getting success with your Facebook ads.

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